Ticket Management Software!

Effective immediately the Oregon Utility Notification Center will be providing the following National Ticket Management System products free of charge!

The National Ticket Management System is a complete software solution for the one call industry. The right solution is available whatever your needs might be.

Locator Ticket Management:

You can now manage all of your tickets via the web rather than receive all of them via fax/printer/software.

With Locator Ticket Management you can…

  • Access tickets from anywhere you have internet access
  • Upload photos and add internal notes and documentation
  • View Maps
  • Assign locators manually or automatically via predetermined criteria
  • Create and Optimize Routes
  • And much more…


Excavator Ticket Management:

Excavator Ticket Management is the excavator’s equivalent of Locator Ticket Management – Providing an extensive set of tools for excavators to manage, track and monitor their own locate requests. The NTMS team is familiar with the challenges that excavators face and we strive to provide easy to use ticket management solutions to fit your needs.

With Excavator Ticket Management you can…

  • Manage, track and monitor your locate requests from anywhere you have internet access
  • Assign job numbers & start times, list on-site equipment, and check the current status of your locate requests (when available).
  • Create & optimize routes, assign foremen, and attach files
  • And much more…

If you are interested in receiving access to one or all of the above products, please click the NTMS link located at the bottom of this page.  You can also contact an NTMS Administrator at the Utility Notification center via Email at



by calling 877-668-4001.